Signals and Noises

Osmose and Ephémère

Osmose and Ephémère are ground-breaking immersive virtual reality installations conceived, produced and directed by Montréal-based artist Char Davies.  I was honored to be a member of the creative team which designed, wrote, developed, and created these works.

Osmose was premiered in 1995 at the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, and Ephémère was premiered in 1998 at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.   Both of these works have been and continue to be exhibited at galleries and museums around the world.

The original creative team consisted of:

  • Char Davies: conception, direction, production
  • John Harrison: custom VR software
  • George Mauro: graphics and modeling
  • Dorota Błazsczak: sonic architecture and programming
  • Rick Bidlack: composition and programming

In 2016 the entire technical platform for running Osmose and Ephémère was refurbished and upgraded by Glen Fraser to run on modern equipment.

More information is available at Immersence.